Evan Cox

Mr. Evan Cox is a Principal Remediation Scientist based in Toronto with 25 years of experience in the development, feasibility evaluation, and application of innovative remediation technologies, including enhanced in situ bioremediation, in situ chemical oxidation, monitored natural attenuation, and metal-catalyzed reduction of chlorinated solvents, propulsion energetics (perchlorate, hydrazine) and explosives (RDX, HMX, TNT, DNT) in porous media and fractured bedrock. 

Mr. Cox works with private sector interests and government agencies in North America and Europe to develop innovative treatment technologies, and to demonstrate and validate their use at field scale for widespread commercial use.  He leads Geosyntec's remediation technology validation program with the U.S. Department of Defense (ESTCP & SERDP), and has served as Project Director/Principal Investigator on eight research projects with a cumulative value exceeding $7M USD. Currently he is developing and commercializing new electrokinetic in situ amendment delivery techniques for bioremediation (EK-BioTM) and chemical oxidation (EK-ISCOTM) in low permeability materials. 

Mr. Cox is technical director for the first full-scale application of EK-BioTM for chlorinated solvent remediation, which is being performed at a former industrial site in Denmark. Mr. Cox also has substantial expertise in regulatory negotiation, remediation planning and cost analysis, and implementation of large remediation programs at complex sites. He is recognized internationally for his pioneering work and expertise in remediation technologies. As part of his in situ remediation research, development, and implementation work, he has co-authored over 50 professional publications and articles regarding the degradation of hazardous contaminants in subsurface environments.

Mr. Cox has co-authored multiple guidance documents and educational courses on these subjects, including four technical guidance documents prepared for environmental protection agencies in Denmark (Miljøstyrelsen) and Sweden (Naturvårdsverket).  He has also developed and taught short courses on remediation of chlorinated solvents and/or explosives in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Portugal and Italy.

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